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Re: Found cockatiel (deceased) Need advice

Posted by Bette on 1/10/09
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    On 1/10/09, karen wrote:
    > On 1/10/09, Bette wrote:
    >> I found a banded cockatiel in my yard today.
    > Unfortunately,
    >> he's no longer alive. I'm assuming gender from the name
    >> 'Rob' on the band.
    >> Here's my dilemma... Do I try to find the owner somehow to
    >> let them know their beloved pet is dead? Or do I let them
    >> go on hoping he'll be found and returned one day? I lost
    >> one of my own canine friends three years ago, so I'm really
    >> waffling on what to do.
    > How sad
    > I would put it in a bag & freeze it.
    > Then call the local vets & let them know
    > go on line to parrot 911 & post the info
    > Local papers should have a free lost & found add area, post
    > also call local shelters & animal control to see if they
    > know who is looking. -they may not only want to know but
    > also want the body. Some people will look for years and be
    > heart broken at not knowing. Try to let them know & move on
    > best of luck

    Thanks, Karen, for pushing me off the fence. I appreciate the
    advice, especially the parrot 911 info.