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Re: Found cockatiel (deceased) Need advice

Posted by GreyLady on 1/11/09
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    I agree. All efforts should be made to find the owner. Closure
    is much bettter than never knowing. Unfortunately, the
    information on the band may prove to be not all that helpful.
    Actually running down the owner by the band can be difficult.
    What will help is if any vet has ever seen the bird and has the
    band info. recorded. Only bands issued by certain associations
    can turn out to be helpful, and then, only if it has been
    recorded somewhere. The ROB on the band has nothing to do with
    the birds name. It may be the initials of the aviary where it
    was hatched but even that is not certain. The best bet is, in
    addition to contacting all local vets, post a found ad. You can
    say it's a cockatiel but it's best to require that anyone
    responding, identify the bird, whether it has a band or not and
    they should also have the info. from the band. In some cases, an
    owner may not know, if the bird was too flighty and afraid for
    them to ever hold it so they could read the info. However, that
    would not likely be the original owner. It would be a rehomed
    situation if they have never been able to read it. But they
    should be able to give you a good description of it's coloring
    and it's markings, which leg had the band and so on. If you feel
    sure the owner has contacted you, then you can break the news to
    them. If it's a child that contacts you, it's probably best to
    ask to speak to a parent before breaking the news. Good luck
    with this sad situation.