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Re: Food ball stuck on face

Posted by question for gl on 1/26/09
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    On 1/25/09, GreyLady wrote:
    so you're breeding now? i remember a time when you hated the
    good breeders that posted here.

    > Unfortunately, that happens to the best of us. If you didn't
    > know it before, you have learned the lesson the hard way, as
    > many of us have. Once that formula dries, it's next to
    > impossible to get off without hurting the baby. In most
    > cases, it just has to wear/grow off. The last baby I let it
    > happen to, wore a little glob on his chest for about a
    > month. Poor little fella looked like he had a birth defect.
    > You can try softening it with a cotton ball soaked in warm
    > water. Soak a little, very gently scrape a little with your
    > nail, soak, scrape, repeat. But it's wearing on the nerves,
    > both yours and the little one. You have to be so very careful
    > about pulling out little pin feathers, and extra careful
    > about getting any water in it's nose. Sometimes all we can
    > do is learn from it and from now on, be sure to wipe every
    > little bit of formula off with a warm damp cloth before it
    > has time to dry any at all. Good luck with it.