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Re: Food ball stuck on face

Posted by The Observer on 1/28/09
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    On 1/26/09, question for gl wrote:
    > On 1/25/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > so you're breeding now? i remember a time when you hated the
    > good breeders that posted here.
    >> Unfortunately, that happens to the best of us. If you didn't
    >> know it before, you have learned the lesson the hard way, as
    >> many of us have. Once that formula dries, it's next to
    >> impossible to get off without hurting the baby. In most
    >> cases, it just has to wear/grow off. The last baby I let it
    >> happen to, wore a little glob on his chest for about a
    >> month. Poor little fella looked like he had a birth defect.
    >> You can try softening it with a cotton ball soaked in warm
    >> water. Soak a little, very gently scrape a little with your
    >> nail, soak, scrape, repeat. But it's wearing on the nerves,
    >> both yours and the little one. You have to be so very careful
    >> about pulling out little pin feathers, and extra careful
    >> about getting any water in it's nose. Sometimes all we can
    >> do is learn from it and from now on, be sure to wipe every
    >> little bit of formula off with a warm damp cloth before it
    >> has time to dry any at all. Good luck with it.

    Perhaps I missed something but I did not see any mention of
    breeding. Are you so ignorant of keeping birds that you don't
    realize that often a new owner will hand feed a new young bird
    for several days after bringing it home? If you are so ill
    informed, why are you always putting your less than two cents in
    here? Or are you just so jealous of someone who does seem to
    know what they are talking about and all you have in your life is
    to put hateful, snide comments on message boards. You might want
    to consider getting some professional help with the apparent lack
    of self esteem.