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Re: Food ball stuck on face

Posted by jill on 1/31/09
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    On 1/29/09, karen wrote:
    >> hey zen....maybe i can help. i had this very problem myself.
    >> the first group i started handfeeding. frankly i was
    >> surprised they lived at all...had to take my husband to the
    >> hospitol and we found out his apendix had burst just over 48
    >> hours before and they went 15 hours without being
    >> fed....poor little guys....
    > Ouch!
    > What a bad week you had!!
    > I hope your husband & family are OK!
    > That is a good reason to belong to a bird club
    > & know other bird people. It is great to have a
    > small circle of friends that help each other at times like
    > that.

    what started as a bad couple of months for us turned our to be
    a bad couple of husbands illness started in april
    and in may they found my uncle who had gone missing the day
    after scott went into the hospitol. as it turns out he had
    fallen into a rather large creek and drown. we were lucky to
    find him. then shortly after that our house burned down....i
    tried my best to get in to save my birds but the fire was so
    intense we were lucky to get out with our lives.....i haven't
    the heart to bring new babies into the house again because i
    would hate for something like that to happen again. in may of
    last year my three children were in a car accident and two had
    to be lifelined to the hospitol....they are all fine now but
    then in august my second oldest brother died of a massive heart
    attack at the age of 43....i bet you can understand why i'm
    praying for an uneventful year!!!!

    i would very much luv to have another tiel and hope to convince
    myself soon that it will work out just fine. i miss linda that
    used to frequent the board....jill