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Re: sudden death

Posted by GreyLady on 1/30/09
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    On 1/30/09, Jan wrote:
    > My cockatiel died yesterday. He was found in the bottom of
    > his cage. He had no symptoms and was active. Any ideas?

    Oh no, I'm so sorry for your loss. The unfortunate thing is,
    none of us could do anything other than make wild guesses and
    that's not what you need. The only way you might be able to
    ever know is to have a necropsy done. That means you would
    have to refrigerate, not freeze, his body, and get it to a
    good avian vet asap.
    The only other thing you can do would be to go through the
    many lists of all the toxic things we have in our homes, but
    must always keep far from our birds, at all costs. I don't
    know how much experience you have with birds or how much
    research you may have done on household dangers. But, there
    may be far more than you could imagine. Many you would never
    give a thought to, yet some can literally drop a bird in it's
    tracks. Others are more cumulative and do their damage over
    time. What makes that difficult is the bird's natural
    instinct to hide all symptoms from you for as long as
    possible. Many times, when we see a symptom, it may be too
    late. The bird has become so ill it can no longer keep up
    the pretense. Some of the causes of bird deaths are non stick
    cookware, cooking fumes, candles, incense, any product that
    sprays into the air, any kind of air freshener no matter the
    type, carpet sprinkles. fumes from fireplaces and any product
    with a strong odor like perfumes, hair sprays, etc. That
    just barely scratches the surface of what comes to mind at
    the moment. If there is any chance your bird was female and
    if her diet was not just right, she could have been egg
    bound. Was this you only bird and if not, did you recently
    acquire any additional birds? What is the source of your
    bird food supplies? Tell us about the bird's diet.
    If any of this gives you any ideas, maybe you can research
    further. If any of it brings up more questions, by all
    means, let us know and we will see if we can help any further.