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Re: sudden death

Posted by jill on 1/31/09
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    On 1/30/09, Jan wrote:
    > My cockatiel died yesterday. He was found in the bottom of
    > his cage. He had no symptoms and was active. Any ideas?

    i hope you don't think you missed something and blame
    yourself for this unfortunate event. grey lady is right on
    the money about things that are toxic....most people don't
    realize how long the list is. often times you won't even
    know the bird is sick because that is thier nature to hide
    the illness. in the wild they would be marked as weak and
    taken out by predators at the first sign of illness
    therefore they don't show it until death is looming as a
    general rule.

    i guess what i'm trying to say is."even if you had been
    there with him/her... you likely wouldn't have noticed
    something was wrong till it was too late.

    i lost 7 tiels in a house fire in nov "07" and i was very
    close to them...i know how you feel....if i can help message