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Post: Lost White Pied Faced Cockatiel with cinnamon markings

Posted by Zhhamenique Rose on 3/28/09

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    Loverboy is a White Pied Faced Cockatiel with cinnamon
    markings. He was lost on the corners of Academy and Cannon
    Street in downtown Poughkeepsie NY on March 22nd,2009 at
    dusk. He is 2 years old, his birthday was March 20th,2009.
    He is hand raised so he is very people orientated. He is
    very affectionate, when he chooses to speak, he will say
    good morning, Loverboy, I love you etc .. He is banded on
    the left ankle. He is hungry and thirsty please feed him
    and give him fresh water. My greatest fear has been, he
    has not found shelter and he is not suited for sustained
    periods of cold. He will die of hyperthermia. Poughkeepsie
    has been very cold in recent days and nights.
    Loverboy is the love of my life I would appreciate all
    help in bring him home.
    Thank you

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