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Re: can they be outside

Posted by GreyLady on 6/28/09
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    I would not attempt to make the decision for you. But, my
    opinion is, depending upon the security of the aviary, I
    would not at all be comfortable with any of my birds being
    outside. Weather is not the only consideration. Wild birds
    carry so many diseases and parasites, many of which are
    airborne, I would not want my birds exposed to them. There
    are also many predators, depending on where you are,
    geographically. Many of which don't find much trouble
    getting into outdoor aviaries. Snakes can get into the
    smallest openings, other kinds of predators can burrow under,
    chew into, and so on. If you are where there are mosquitoes
    and if the aviary is not screened in a way that keeps them
    out, they may be exposed to West Nile Virus, if bitten by an
    infected mosquito. If it were me, I'd probably try first,
    to find them a good home where they can be inside and get
    enough attention. An outside aviary is not likely to solve
    the attention problem. They will likely get less human
    interaction that way. They are likely to end up as breeder
    birds in that kind of enviornment. Lots to think about when
    trying to make this kind of decision. Good luck with
    whatever you decide.