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Re: can they be outside

Posted by Mark on 6/30/09
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    On 6/28/09, GreyLady wrote:
    > I would not attempt to make the decision for you. But, my
    > opinion is, depending upon the security of the aviary, I
    > would not at all be comfortable with any of my birds being
    > outside. Weather is not the only consideration. Wild
    > carry so many diseases and parasites, many of which are
    > airborne, I would not want my birds exposed to them. There
    > are also many predators, depending on where you are,
    > geographically. Many of which don't find much trouble
    > getting into outdoor aviaries. Snakes can get into the
    > smallest openings, other kinds of predators can burrow
    > chew into, and so on. If you are where there are mosquitoes
    > and if the aviary is not screened in a way that keeps them
    > out, they may be exposed to West Nile Virus, if bitten by an
    > infected mosquito. If it were me, I'd probably try first,
    > to find them a good home where they can be inside and get
    > enough attention. An outside aviary is not likely to solve
    > the attention problem. They will likely get less human
    > interaction that way. They are likely to end up as breeder
    > birds in that kind of enviornment. Lots to think about when
    > trying to make this kind of decision. Good luck with
    > whatever you decide.
    All of mine have always been outside and I have never had any
    problems with any of that. I feel that the sun shine and air
    does them good. Every year I do have to be on my gaurd because
    of hurracanes we get. But I do find that they breed better
    when outside. I use hard wirecloth on the bottomh of my
    flights and of course the inside part is wood. To keep
    perditors out I have an electric fence.