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Re: can they be outside

Posted by GreyLady on 6/30/09
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    On 6/30/09, Mark wrote:
    > All of mine have always been outside and I have never had any
    > problems with any of that. I feel that the sun shine and air
    > does them good. Every year I do have to be on my gaurd because
    > of hurracanes we get. But I do find that they breed better
    > when outside. I use hard wirecloth on the bottomh of my
    > flights and of course the inside part is wood. To keep
    > perditors out I have an electric fence.

    I am not the least bit interested in breeding. I think there are
    far too many birds in need of homes already. The ones I have are
    rescues and adoptees, most of which if brought on by too many
    birds and too many people buying them who don't know what they
    are getting into. Too many breeders flooding pet stores with
    bird mill birds. Reputable breeders that I know, do it on a very
    small scale and only inside where chicks can be hand fed and
    accustomed to humans, almost from the start. That does not
    happen with any aviary birds that I know. I also have to be on
    GUARD as I also live where there are HURRICANES and many types of
    PREDATORS. I guess to breed or not to breed is the main
    difference between us. By the way, I think you may mean you use
    hardware cloth.