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Re: LOST white-yellow cockatiel

Posted by Anita Petriella on 8/04/09
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    Hello, I know it's quite a bit away, but you might want to
    check this little guy out. It might be worth a call...

    On 7/24/09, maria holden wrote:
    > I am just wondering if anyone has any specific advise. I
    > lost my female - Lola - two days ago in the a.m. in the
    > gigantic industrial Home Depot pkg lot in Emeryville, CA.
    > She flew out of my car spooked by a noise and circled once,
    > circled twice, but then got out of my view. I have gone
    > there and called for her, in a wide radius, as far as I can
    > walk. I've got her on Craigslist and Mickaboo, and other
    > sites, and I'm slowly getting posters out. I call the
    > shelters too. Please, if anyone has any other advise that
    > pertains to our little Cockatiel angels and their
    behavior -
    > please help. The area, for those who know it, is bounded by
    > freeways, the Bay, and slums. I was on the 8th floor
    > yesterday at a friends' apt and thought, my god, its not so
    > far, as the crow flies, but as far as I know, birds have no
    > homing sense - I mean, she's never flown home. Please
    help -
    > Maria