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Post: Lost Cockatiel...Charlotte,NC

Posted by Anita Petriella on 8/04/09

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    Unfortunatly my Cockatiel "Opie" flew away on 07/23/2009
    from my sisters home on Carmel near Pineville-Matthews
    road. He was over there being watched while my bathroom
    floor in my apartment was getting demolded.
    He is grey with white trimming along his wings. The right
    side is closer to his body than the left. He has typical
    orange cheeks, and a yellow head. Around his neck it
    looks kinda like a "white neclace." His mane (mohawk) has
    grey "highlights" in it towards the top.
    Any information will be wonderful...including on the
    chances of him coming home.
    I have left his cage out on my sisters porch hoping he
    might return, however after the first day of him flying, I
    don't know where he landed. I have been walking the area
    calling and whisteling for him. I have posted flyers and
    contacted vets and animal hospitals. I have been slowly
    going to homes with bird feeders to inform them and
    hopefully have some extra eyes looking out for him. I
    miss him dearly...I've had him since he was 4months old.

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