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Re: sick or not sick???

Posted by GreyLady on 8/20/09
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    First off, birds don't cough as they have no diaphrams. They
    imitate coughs sometimes but don't actually do it. Its
    sounds like you are really stressing him out by chasing him
    around. You must stop that immediately. Stress is very hard
    on them and you can make him sick even if he was in perfect
    health to start with. If the only way to get him back in the
    cage is by chasing him, you need to stop letting him out
    until he is more tamed down or you need to have a
    professional give him a trim of his flight feathers until he
    has tamed down some. Taming may take some time, now that you
    have chased him. He doesn't trust you and if afraid. It may
    take quiet a while to get him past that. For now, leave him
    in his cage and just spend time close to him, down at eye
    level with him, talking in a soothing voice. Give him all
    the time he needs to change his mind and realize you are not
    a predator but instead, his friend.