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Post: Lost Cockatiel...Charlotte,NC

Posted by Anita on 10/03/09

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    On 07/23/2009 my pet Cockatiel Opie escaped from my
    sisters apartment on Carmel and Pineville-Matthews. He is
    your typical grey cockatiel with white trimming along his
    wings, yellow head (grey in his mohawk), orange cheeks. He
    is about a medium grey...not too dark not too light. His
    left (your right if looking at him) cheek kind of looks
    like a heart and his right wings trimming starts further
    back than his left. He also has approx. four white dots on
    the back of his head/neck. There is a dot on the left side
    of his neck (when looking at his back). He likes to sing
    and dance, he typically will sing to his food/food dish
    and his foot. He taps his feet on the perch when he is
    happy and singing. One of his songs sounds like a dog
    squeeker. Please let me know if you find him or even have
    a sighting. Any help is appreciated. I am offering a
    reward if found/returned.

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