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Re: cockatiels

Posted by Mia Evans on 11/26/09
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    On 11/11/09, ellie wrote:
    > hi, im new and i really wanted a cockatoo but they are too
    > big and expensive. i wanted one because of the thingy on
    > its head. so i found out about cockatiels. they seem much
    > more me. they look like they have rosey cheeks!! well,i
    > have a cage left from my last bird but i just need
    > helpppppp!!!! to start out and all. thankz.

    Hi, I just got a cockatiel, she is a great pet. But one
    thing you cannot forget is they need TONS of attention, like
    hours a day. The like to be out of their cage and on your
    shoulder when you are home. They can also start destructive
    behavior such as biting, screaming, and feather plucking if
    they don't get enough attention. They also love to explore
    and try everything (well, most everything) you eat...don't
    let them eat very much human food or they will be overweight
    which is very dangerous for birds. Also, sugar isnt good for
    them at all. And they need a cage about 3' by 2' by 2' or
    larger and bar spacing no larger that 1/2 inch! Any larger
    is dangerous to the bird. Before you adopt any animal, do
    some research, they are lots of responsibility!

    Hope this helps and good luck finding your new feathered