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Re: How can so many Cockatiels fly away/get lost/escape

Posted by Jane on 3/10/10
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    On 3/09/10, You careless people wrote:
    > It amazes me to read all of these posts about lost
    > Cockatiels. How can that be.
    > It would only assume you all are very careless and could
    > easily get lost yourselves.
    I know of several people who claim to have lost their
    Cockatiels because they had them on their shoulders
    and 'forgot' they were there and walked outside.
    Personally, I would never forget my birds were on my
    shoulder, but some people seem to have a lot on their minds
    and get lost in their own thoughts. I also heard of people
    whose children (or their spouse, friend etc.) opened the
    door without taking care of where the bird was. And believe
    it or not, there are still a lot of people who think that
    they can safely take their birds outside because they
    are 'clipped'. Even a severely clipped bird can take to the
    sky with the right wind or updraft. I can imagine how
    terrible these people must feel when their sweet little
    birds escape outside to an almost certain death. Education
    is the key to keeping birds (and other animals)safe, but
    unfortunately people seldom take the time to properly
    educate themselves on the animals they bring into their
    homes and the animals ultimately pay the price. If we could
    find better, more effective ways to educate people, their
    pets would benefit greatly.