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Post: LOST Cockatiel >REWARD<

Posted by Jerry Pittman on 3/13/10

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    Our beloved "Petey" excaped out the door of our home in
    CounterPoint Estates in RPB on Tuesday Evening (2/23). He
    is Light Gray with white leading edges on the wings,
    Yellow head, and bright orange cheeks.

    Last seen flying westbound from the Penzance Lane park
    area toward RPB Blvd. If seen, Please call 561-389-2935.
    Do Not try to catch him as he is very shy and will
    probably fly off again. If he should land on your
    shoulder, if possible, walk slowly indoors or to an
    enclosed porch and call me. If he is just seen in your
    yard or nearby, call and I'll bring his cage for him to go

    He is very talkative and has a number of verbal phrases as
    well as numerous whistles. He will usually whistle back
    when he hears a "wolf whistle". A reward is offered for
    help in locating Petey, but don't feel like you need to
    capture him to recieve the reward. If I know where he is,
    He'll come to me.

    Thanks for reading,

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