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Re: LOST Cockatiel >REWARD<

Posted by victoria s on 6/07/10
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    Hello, where are you located? We found a Cockatiel yesterday
    in Virginia who clearly is someone's pet. Would love to
    find the owners. Please call 703-405-4323 if you think it
    could be yours.

    On 3/13/10, Jerry Pittman wrote:
    > Hello,
    > Our beloved "Petey" excaped out the door of our home in
    > CounterPoint Estates in RPB on Tuesday Evening (2/23). He
    > is Light Gray with white leading edges on the wings,
    > Yellow head, and bright orange cheeks.
    > Last seen flying westbound from the Penzance Lane park
    > area toward RPB Blvd. If seen, Please call 561-389-2935.
    > Do Not try to catch him as he is very shy and will
    > probably fly off again. If he should land on your
    > shoulder, if possible, walk slowly indoors or to an
    > enclosed porch and call me. If he is just seen in your
    > yard or nearby, call and I'll bring his cage for him to go
    > into.
    > He is very talkative and has a number of verbal phrases as
    > well as numerous whistles. He will usually whistle back
    > when he hears a "wolf whistle". A reward is offered for
    > help in locating Petey, but don't feel like you need to
    > capture him to recieve the reward. If I know where he is,
    > He'll come to me.
    > Thanks for reading,
    > Jerry