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Post: Lost Cinnamon Gray Cockatiel

Posted by Amy on 5/02/10

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    I live in East Mesa, Arizona and have lost my 6 year old
    cockatiel Speckles. She had gotten out 4/30/10 when my
    mother forgot she was out of her cage when opening the
    back door. She was last seen flying NE on N. 82nd St. and
    E. Quarterline Rd. towards the Viewpoint Golf Course which
    is right behind our house. There has been alot wind gusts
    almost all blowing east so she may be even more east but
    we believe she wouldn't fly past the Superstition Mountain
    Range. She has a purple band with white lettering on her
    foot. She also will begin chirping if she hears the Star
    Trek: Voyager theme song. She was hand fed from hatching
    and is very bonded to people. If you or someone you know
    thinks they may have seen,heard, or captured her please
    call (480) 720-5490. Thank You.

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