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Re: Lost Cockatiel-whiteface pearl

Posted by Brenda on 9/04/10
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    On 7/30/10, Coconut wrote:
    > My cockatiel Coconut got out a few days ago and was last
    > seen here in Sandwich, IL. She has growing out wing
    > feathers, is not very sociable but doesnt bite, and is a
    > little overweight. I miss her terribly I am devastated and
    > hope someone has information. We spotted her the day
    > before yesterday in a tree but tried everything and could
    > not get her down.
    > Please email if you might know of her whereabouts.
    > If you cannot help then please pray for our situation.
    > Thank you

    I hope you got Coconut back. I could use some good news. My
    cockatiel, Teddy, got out 2 days ago. I found him and then
    he got spooked and flew away. He was spotted yesterday but
    as soon as I got to the neighbors yard, he was gone.

    DO you have any tips on finding him.