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Post: Lost gray cockatiel

Posted by Brenda on 9/04/10

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    I lost my gray cockatiel, Teddy 2 days ago. A friend
    opened my door to ask a question. Teddy flew down the
    stairs and out the door, that was opened only about 2
    inches. I had his wings clipped a couple of weeks ago.
    Teddy orginally landed on my neighbors head 2 years ago.
    He could not find the owners, so I agreed to take him. I
    purchased books, researched their habits and how to take
    care of him. No one could love or treat him better.

    I found him in trees across from me and when I got him to
    come down and land on my head, he got spokked and flew
    away. I have spent 12 hours every day looking for him,
    talking to neighbors and handing out flyers. He was
    spotted yesterday in the same neighbors yard but when I
    got there 10 minutes later he was gone. Since he came back
    here once, does that mean he is still in the neighbor hood
    and could go to the house again. I also have another
    cockatiel that I take in a cage and search the neighbor
    hood with him.

    Does anybody ever get their pet back? Any ideas?

    He is missed and loved.

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