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Re: found cockatiel

Posted by April on 4/10/12
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    Hi Brandy
    I'm sorry, I gave this bird to a very nice couple I used to
    work with but have since fallen out of touch with. They were
    quite happy together, the last time I did talk to them.

    On 4/05/12, Brandy wrote:
    > On 10/24/10, april wrote:
    >> respond with description and general location to retrieve
    >> your bird. 303-518-4561
    > The bird I lost was in Quincy,MA. July 25,2010. She's yellow
    > with gray and some white. She has a tag on her left leg, she
    > has ALL her toes. We've been searching for a long time now.
    > happy they keep these posts up, sometimes people like myself
    > don't know where to look and stumble upon these sites
    > later.