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Re: need good homes

Posted by sam on 10/07/11
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    On 10/03/11, Laura in Tx wrote:
    > I find it very difficult to send this but only fair to my
    > birds. Everyday I feel guilty because I do not have the
    > time to give them the attention they need. They are both
    > males.One very affectionate,the other used to be until a
    > puppy came along a few years ago and took up alot of
    > time.He does still step up,and he can whistle and
    > the right owner he would come around. I am looking for
    > homes,currently they are housed separately side by side.
    > They are very healthy..they are fed well. Please e-mail if
    > interested.I am in the DFW area. Thank you.

    Do you still have both of them, if so how much do you want
    and do they come with a cage