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Re: friend's 2 pair cockatiels keeps having babies

Posted by GreyLady on 12/10/11
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    On 12/08/11, bernie wrote:
    > On 12/07/11, Denise wrote:
    >> On 11/22/11, bernie wrote:
    >>> my friend got 2 pairs. ONE pair keeps having chicks. They
    >>> started shorty after he got them . and they have not
    >>> stop.. they had the first set of chicks and before the
    >>> chicks left the nest box, THE hen laid again ,again and
    >>> again. Now i hear there are 2 new eggs in the nest box
    >>> again. WHAT can he do to stop them from having any more
    >>> chicks. before any thing happen to the hen
    >>> cheers and thank you
    >> They need to take the nestbox away to give the hen a break!
    >> As long as they have a box, they will keep breeding!
    > THANK you for the info. I will tell my friends
    Denise is exactly right. Also, if any more eggs are laid, they
    should "addle" them to prevent the formation of an embryo.
    That's easily done by putting them in a pot of water, as if to
    boil. Heat it to just short of boiling, cool them back down and
    return them to the pair. They should be allowed to tend the eggs
    until they grow bored waiting for them to hatch. Only after they
    abandon them, should they be removed. If they are taken away too
    soon, she will only try to lay more to replace them, box or not.
    Instead of the box, if she has eggs, they should place them in a
    shallow bowl, lined with paper towels. That allows them to tend
    the eggs and keep them intact until boredom sets in and since
    there is no privacy with a bowl, she will be much less inspired
    to lay again. Make sure you friends also know they must never be
    allowed to run out of cuttle bone and other high calcium foods in
    their diet. If she gets egg bound due to calcium shortage, it
    can be fatal.