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Re: friend's 2 pair cockatiels keeps having babies

Posted by GreyLady on 12/11/11
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    On 12/11/11, bernie wrote:
    > There are 5 eggs now and they are sitting on the eggs And the
    > other pair their nest box is gone for now
    > Thank you for the info

    Okay Bernie. They really need to do the heating thing with those 5
    eggs and then follow through with allowing them to tend them as
    suggested. The best way to do that is do 3 and after those are
    returned, do the other two. Don't take them all away at once. They
    should cool them back to, not cold, but to the barely warm temp. they
    keep them. As they do this, they can place the addled ones in the
    shallow dish (or anything that is not covered and private. While the
    last ones are heating, that's the time to remove the box.