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Re: Bare eyed female pet for sale - pair wanted

Posted by roxanne rios on 3/11/06
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    On 2/22/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Wanted;
    > Looking for a pair of bare eyes...reasonable. Will pay
    > cash - perfer to meet to pick up. Don't like to ship....
    > Must be healthy and know their information - age, diet,
    > proven (clutch/hatch, sit and feed?), etc.
    > ---------------------------------------------------------
    > For SALE;
    > Also, a female 12 year old PET cockatoo for sale.
    > I said to make offers, I take that BACK. I got offered
    > what you would pay for a tiel- literally.
    > SHE DOES NOT NEED TO BE REHOMED, we just want what is best
    > for her.
    > A home with a few birds is what would be best, we are
    > breeding more...She needs her space, she can see other
    > birds but tends to be sad when housed in the same room
    > with other birds... so I do want her to be in a home that
    > would be able to accomidate this. Either a home with a FEW
    > Birds or just her would be great. (Tall order to fill, I
    > know) Is used to a noisy busy house - two young kids, a
    > dog, guniea pig and breeding pairs....a husband who works
    > nights has NO PROBLEM sleeping with her out and about.
    > (NOT NOISY) Will talk, play and have tons of fun with her
    > people... not demanding and not loud like many other toos.
    > She eats roudybush, was recently vet checks very social
    > and sweet. Was handfed as a baby and is still sweet, she
    > is CLOSED banded. Needs to "ladder" on occasion to
    > reinforce who is "boss" or she will play cockatoo
    > coy...making it fun she LOVES IT. Esp. for treats...
    > She talks some, loves to watch baseball with my husband
    > and dance. She hops, laughs and more. Really great bird.
    > With 6 month old cage 1250 - I will drive to meet, this
    > will include her lixit water bottle, cage with playtop
    > (seed skirt too), supply of roudybush, several of her
    > favorite toys and perches.
    > She says "hello!, hello? (for phone & door she asks
    > hello?), pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty
    > pretty prettty pretttty prettty sweetie (she wants her
    > fresh meals), sweetie wants a cracker (covered at night
    > for bed) and clucks like a chicken, laughs and loves to
    > cuddle.
    > IS great in her cage with toys and fun stuff to do.
    > DOESN'T SCREAM. ONCE, ONCE she "alarm screamed" because a
    > squirrel scared her - which was an alarm noise not a real
    > scream. She prefers to use her voice, she thinks she is a
    > person...
    > Perfect feather, all toes - doesn't pluck. Pics at
    > --- pic is dark can't really see the cage,
    > she looks great, I had to turn off her full spectrum light
    > to eliminate glare. Email with questions - serious
    > enquires appreaciated.

    hi i would love to have your cockatoo as a pet i have plenty
    of space for her at my house and she would be beable to run
    free it would also be her by herself no other birds and she
    would get full attention i was wondering what you would take
    for her alone i cant spend that much because of my other
    pets but she would be loved very much here please email me
    back soon