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Re: Bare eyed female pet for sale - pair wanted

Posted by davisscole on 3/12/06
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    On 3/11/06, roxanne rios wrote:
    > On 2/22/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    >> Wanted;
    >> Looking for a pair of bare eyes...reasonable. Will pay
    >> cash - perfer to meet to pick up. Don't like to ship....
    >> Must be healthy and know their information - age, diet,
    >> proven (clutch/hatch, sit and feed?), etc.
    >> ---------------------------------------------------------
    >> For SALE;
    >> Also, a female 12 year old PET cockatoo for sale.
    >> I said to make offers, I take that BACK. I got offered
    >> what you would pay for a tiel- literally.
    >> SHE DOES NOT NEED TO BE REHOMED, we just want what is best
    >> for her.
    >> A home with a few birds is what would be best, we are
    >> breeding more...She needs her space, she can see other
    >> birds but tends to be sad when housed in the same room
    >> with other birds... so I do want her to be in a home that
    >> would be able to accomidate this. Either a home with a FEW
    >> Birds or just her would be great. (Tall order to fill, I
    >> know) Is used to a noisy busy house - two young kids, a
    >> dog, guniea pig and breeding pairs....a husband who works
    >> nights has NO PROBLEM sleeping with her out and about.
    >> (NOT NOISY) Will talk, play and have tons of fun with her
    >> people... not demanding and not loud like many other toos.
    >> She eats roudybush, was recently vet checks very social
    >> and sweet. Was handfed as a baby and is still sweet, she
    >> is CLOSED banded. Needs to "ladder" on occasion to
    >> reinforce who is "boss" or she will play cockatoo
    >> coy...making it fun she LOVES IT. Esp. for treats...
    >> She talks some, loves to watch baseball with my husband
    >> and dance. She hops, laughs and more. Really great bird.
    >> With 6 month old cage 1250 - I will drive to meet, this
    >> will include her lixit water bottle, cage with playtop
    >> (seed skirt too), supply of roudybush, several of her
    >> favorite toys and perches.
    >> She says "hello!, hello? (for phone & door she asks
    >> hello?), pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty
    >> pretty prettty pretttty prettty sweetie (she wants her
    >> fresh meals), sweetie wants a cracker (covered at night
    >> for bed) and clucks like a chicken, laughs and loves to
    >> cuddle.
    >> IS great in her cage with toys and fun stuff to do.
    >> DOESN'T SCREAM. ONCE, ONCE she "alarm screamed" because a
    >> squirrel scared her - which was an alarm noise not a real
    >> scream. She prefers to use her voice, she thinks she is a
    >> person...
    >> Perfect feather, all toes - doesn't pluck. Pics at
    >> --- pic is dark can't really see the cage,
    >> she looks great, I had to turn off her full spectrum light
    >> to eliminate glare. Email with questions - serious
    >> enquires appreaciated.
    > hi i would love to have your cockatoo as a pet i have plenty
    > of space for her at my house and she would be beable to run
    > free it would also be her by herself no other birds and she
    > would get full attention i was wondering what you would take
    > for her alone i cant spend that much because of my other
    > pets but she would be loved very much here please email me
    > back soon
    > -roxanne

    So if you want what is best for the bird, why are you trying
    to find her a new home. And if you dont' have time for her
    because you are breeding more, then how are you going to take
    care of two more birds?