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Re: Chet Womack (

Posted by adrian on 2/28/06
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    well i posted these messages for a reason. I got my point across and annoying you was
    just an unforseen benifit. Now dont you have a cousin somewhere who needs your
    loving attention.
    On 2/28/06, Jim wrote:
    > On 2/25/06, adrain wrote:
    >> You sound like a real retard Jimbo. Your parents must have
    >> suspected it or they wouldnt have named you Jimbo... Jimbo.
    >> On 2/25/06, Jimbo wrote:
    >>> On 2/24/06, adrain wrote:
    >>> Talk about Spamming! Not everyone who yells loudest gets
    >>> results!
    >>> Better a tape to help Adrian do "tricks" so his birds can
    >>> have a laugh! Birds Fly! this should be enough for any human
    >>> to get "high on" withought it having to learn "Tricks" to
    >>> earn it's keep so humans can have a laugh. No Bear or Tiger
    >>> or Cat or Dog or Bird should have to perform other than what
    >>> they do naturally in my opinion and when they want to.
    >>> Jimbo
    > You reckon? Adrain what kind of name is that? Talk about going on
    > and on and on and on about a tape. Gees I bet you were the kid
    > cried when he did not get what he wanted for Christmas lol
    > Here you go a tissue to cry in. Heaven forbid someone gave you
    > vanilla ice cream instead of chocolate huh? I bet you
    > like "sprinkles on top" lol
    > Jim