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Re: Plucked face Lesser sulfur

Posted by Fran on 3/07/06
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    On 3/07/06, j wrote:
    > Hey everyone just got a pair of lessers last night and
    > they are complete nest box dwellers so I really couldnt
    > get a good look when I got them. when I got them home I
    > got them out of the box to clean and disinfect it and
    > noticed their feathers arent the best and they are really
    > plucked on the face I am just wondering if anyone has seen
    > this as this is my first pair of too's. I am guessing
    > they just overpreen as the skin doesnt look red at all or
    > even inflamed. thanks everyone you guys are always great
    > help here

    j, as you know, in the wild, parrots rarely pluck or
    mutilate their feathers. Captive parrots can pluck for
    several reasons, the most common are stress, poor
    diet/nutrition, and health issues. Since your birds are
    plucked on the face, obviously they are plucking each other,
    which leads me to believe that it is probably due to stress
    and possibly a bad or cramped housing situation. If I were
    you I would immediately start them on a healthy diet of
    fresh and varied foods, give them a large clean area to
    live, give them peace and quiet to adapt to their new
    surroundings, provide fresh water and a means for them to
    bathe or shower, and get them to your vet ASAP for a
    thorough checkup. Cockatoos are notorious pluckers because
    they tend to be very emotional birds. Hopefully you will be
    able to provide them with an excellent diet and housing so
    that this neurotic behavior will reverse itself. Vet checkup
    soon. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.