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Re: Plucked face Lesser sulfur/add on

Posted by j on 3/07/06
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    thank for the info thats what I thought they are going to the
    vet ASAP I also got another pair of birds with them amazons
    and well for a lack of words I am not happy. I think they may
    have Papilloma so they are all being vetted immediately. got
    to love it when this happens you cant always blame the person
    that you got them from sometimes they honestly dont know.
    some people dont care about their animals and dont pay
    attention. personally although I am a breeder I still love my
    birds and talk to them and give them good foods big homes. so
    maybe I just notice more.

    On 3/07/06, Fran wrote:
    > j, I am not a breeder and therefore any causes that may be
    > relevant to their breeding/bonding situation, I have not
    > addressed, maybe a knowlegable breeder will have some ideas.