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Re: Plucked face Lesser sulfur/add on

Posted by Fran on 3/07/06
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    On 3/07/06, j wrote:
    > that I will do. I feel like I should try and return them but I
    > just think he would do the same thing to someone else probobly and
    > they may not know the problem

    j, I am not a breeder and therefore do not see the "monetary" value
    of companion parrots, I just see a living, feeling creature. I think
    that many parrots, both pets and breeders are kept in horrid
    conditions and it saddens me. If you send these birds back, they
    will continue to be just a cog in the machine and will invariably
    get shipped to someone else who may not give them the care that you
    are willing to provide.