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Re: Plucked face Lesser sulfur

Posted by paul on 3/07/06
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    I think your a bird addict j just like me!

    We need a program


    On 3/07/06, j wrote:
    > Hey everyone just got a pair of lessers last night and
    > they are complete nest box dwellers so I really couldnt
    > get a good look when I got them. when I got them home I
    > got them out of the box to clean and disinfect it and
    > noticed their feathers arent the best and they are really
    > plucked on the face I am just wondering if anyone has seen
    > this as this is my first pair of too's. I am guessing
    > they just overpreen as the skin doesnt look red at all or
    > even inflamed. thanks everyone you guys are always great
    > help here