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Re: Feather Mutilation Genetically Inherited

Posted by paul on 3/07/06
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    that would be all true


    On 3/07/06, Rocko's Mom wrote:
    > In 1995 when I purchased my Moluccan my breeder talked
    > about selective breeding and how he selected against
    > aggression and feather mutilation. I cannot believe it took
    > 12 years for that to be scientifically verified.
    > ----"This is exciting because with the strong heritability
    > of feather picking that we found, it might be possible to
    > breed parrots that don't have the propensity to develop
    > this behavior."-----
    > After reading this article, I am so glad my breeder was
    > knowledgeable enough to think outside the box and go
    > against the norm.