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Re: this customer

Posted by paul on 3/10/06
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    The mechanic was just telling me when she started praying on
    her car, he asked,"could pray for a tip while your at it.

    funny funny


    On 3/09/06, paul wrote:
    > This customer came in talking about if jesus
    > is my lord and savior quoting scripture to me
    > so let her talk and listened she was in for an oil change
    > She had some bad oil leaks so she went over to her car
    > and started praying on the mechanic and her car.
    > What should I do now....she aint got a dime to her name?
    > I told her to pray for a job she doesnt think she should
    > have to work , i told her jesus will do his half and you
    > need to do yours work
    > shes still out praying on her car now..oh brother
    > Paul