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Re: New cockatoo owner/behavior probs.

Posted by Tonya on 3/12/06
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    The only advise I can give you is to read a book called "Guide
    to a Well behaved parrot" It is very helpfull and tells you
    what to do if he bites or reasons hwy he night scream. Hope it

    On 3/12/06, Fran wrote:
    > On 3/12/06, stac wrote:
    >> I have a question about this new cockatoo that we have had
    >> for a couple of months. He is two years old, and loves
    >> women. The problem is that I am terrified of him! (i don't
    >> know why, but i am) we live in a complex and he SHRILLES
    >> ALL the time to get attention. he is a good bird other
    >> than that and his BITING. he talks.. and i have taught him
    >> to say, "good morning" "whatcha doin'" "i love
    >> you" "cuddles" and "my name is elvis" I talk to him alot,
    >> feed him and have gotten to where i can get him out of the
    >> cage with a towel to limit his flight. (and mobility... so
    >> that he doesn't bite me) my question is how can we get him
    >> to stop shrilling and biting? i have looked on previous
    >> posts and couldn't get through all the bashing. Please
    >> don't bash me, i truly care about this bird and wanting to
    >> have a great and loving relationship with Elvis. Oh yeah,
    >> i have a 5 year old who is always wanting to spend time
    >> and play with the bird, but he isn't allowed to because
    >> Elvis usually bites him. Ps... elvis has SHRILLED 6 times
    >> since i have started this post and i actually had to get
    >> up to get him out of his cage to put him on his perch. He
    >> continued to SHRILL on the perch. any kind of advice you
    >> can give me through this ramble of information would be
    >> helpful!!!
    >> thanks stac
    > Hi Stac, I'm going to get a little more information from you
    and try to give you
    > some help.
    > First, it's great that you are commited to Elvis and working
    through these issues.
    > Is Elvis your first bird?
    > Are his wings clipped, you say you use a towel to limit his
    > What is his history before you got him, ie did he live with a
    family, single
    > person, had he been in a pet store for a long time, etc.
    > Are there other people in the house besides you and your son?
    > What is Elvis' cage like, size, location in your home, how
    many and what kind of
    > toys does he have?
    > What is his typical day like? Do you work out of the home, is
    he in his cage
    > during the day? How often is he out, what time does he go to
    bed, get up, etc.
    > When you say he bites, when normally is the time he bites.
    When you're getting
    > him out of his cage, putting him back, playing with him?
    > I know this seems like alot of information but it will help
    everyone in advising
    > you. In the meantime, Hang in there!!!