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Re: Cockatoo nest box

Posted by j on 3/14/06
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    Yeah they are wild caught but I would like a box with two
    wholes but the way they make these stacker cages its just not
    possible even if you cut the secon hole out of the bars it
    would be so far away that it would allow them to het out.
    maybe I will just build an apartment without the landing then
    it will be easier to get out if anything did go wrong. untill
    I build a new cage that is

    On 3/13/06, paul wrote:
    > wild caught regular style is ok
    > domestic dual entrance is a must
    > Paul
    > On 3/13/06, j wrote:
    >> Hey guys what size/ type of nest box do you recommend for
    >> lesser sulfers these pair dont fight so I am thinking
    >> about trying a apartment style