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Re: goffin cockatoo

Posted by Chris on 3/24/06
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    On 3/22/06, Rosie wrote:
    > On 3/22/06, sharron wrote:
    >> hi i have a yr old goffin dna sexed male recently he has
    >> started to pluck his feathers,severely..... there has been
    >> no change in his enviroment, or time that we spend,we just
    >> had his wings clipped and ever since then he started to
    >> pluck but lately i find for some reason he is showing
    >> signs of when i was hand feeding him, he asks a little
    >> like the baby behavior...... he is not a screamer.. i am
    >> just lost..... i would like him to grow his feathers back
    >> cause i mean he plucked them mainly all from his wings,
    >> chest and back he is down to his down feathers i would
    >> appreciate some ideas or helpful information please
    >> thank you
    > My Goffins did the same thing I started useing some new
    > lotion and he didn't like it. Now that I stopped useing it
    > he grew all his feathers back in and looks beautiful!!!
    > you using anything new like perfume, air freshners, lotion
    > new makeup anything you get on your hands and then touch him.
    > My Goffins is 2 now and it took me about 6 months to figure
    > it out but I was glad I did. Good Luck!!! Rosie

    He may also have just developed dry skin. This happen's with
    my goffin in the winter, but not till almost the end of the
    season. She just started plucking. I got some Aloe Juice(you
    can get it at walmart and most drug stores) I mix it with some
    water and put it in a spray bottle and mist her down once a
    day and that seems to take care of it pretty good. It also
    help relieve the itch and iritation caused from the plucking
    and help keep them from continuing so it doesnt form a bad
    habit. Hope this helps. Chris