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Re: Cockatoo Question?

Posted by paul on 3/28/06
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    I tried to let my birds sit cause feeding day 1
    alot of work but it aint gona happen either.

    I usually dont have a problem getting the eggs
    as they are laid wait till they come out to
    feed then make your move, my goffins are gona
    lay again ill take em this time. Maybe go ask
    glenda on my chat she pulls
    all new umbrella eggs ask her how she does it
    she will help ya, shes from georgia so shes sneaky
    smart gal with lots of luck with umbrellas hahahaha


    On 3/27/06, Dana wrote:
    > I have a pair of umbrellas that are laying but they break
    > the eggs before I can get to them. Does anyone have any
    > suggestions on how I can stop this? It's really
    > frustrating. Last year they broke 14 eggs. I have tried
    > using a boot box and a "T" box. Neither one has worked.
    > Does anyone have an idea if they lay at certain times of
    > the day or night? Like if they lay at night I could check
    > them in the morning before I go to work and pull the eggs.
    > I don't mind pulling and incubating. I just can never get
    > to them in time. Thanks in advance for any help.