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Re: New addition to the family

Posted by Zon Mom on 3/31/06
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    What I have learned on this board & others is that all new
    birds coming into a home with resident birds need to be
    under quarentine ( seperate rooms & play areas ) from all
    other birds for at least 60 days to make sure they don't
    have any disease they can spread to the birds you alredy
    have. This also means that you need to wash your hands a lot
    & change clothing as needed ( much as you would do if caring
    for a ill human that's in quarentine ) so not to expose each
    other to possible problems. We only have one bird & do not
    plan on adding anymore ( one keeps me busy enough as it
    is! ) so I don't have 1st hand experiance on birds. But with
    cats I do. I learned the hard way several years ago that the
    1-2 weeks vets say is enough can be way too short! Having 3
    indoor cats very ill at the same time isn't a whole lot of
    fun nor inexpensive. Now I go for at least a month with a
    new kitten, just to be safe.

    On 3/30/06, G2Mom wrote:
    > Hi. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice? I
    > just put a deposit down on a new baby goffin. My concern
    > is how my older goffin will react to the new baby when I
    > bring it home. I just want to make the transition as
    > smooth as possible for her. I adopted the older goffin 4
    > months ago, she is 11 years old, and been through several
    > homes before mine. I was hoping someone could give me some
    > advice. Thanks alot.