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Re: Air purifier

Posted by Fran on 4/02/06
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    On 4/02/06, Birdmom wrote:
    > I need to get a device to cut down on the dander fluff from
    > my grey. Target has a tower model on sale this
    > week.....129.99 It's a Holmes Tower Air Purifer with Hepa
    > filter and ionizer. Will this thing do the trick or do I
    > need to get a better type? Recommendations and testamonies
    > would be helpful. Is there a danger with ionizers?? I
    > seem to recall something about that or something else.
    > Thanks.

    Birdmon, Avoid any air purifier that uses any means other than a hepa filter to
    clean the air. "Ionizers" and similar produce ozone which is harmful for birds as
    well as humans in the home.

    We have a Hepa which has a main filter which is changed about once a year, and a
    disposable filter which we change about every other month. We have ours in a
    room with an umbrella cockatoo and two cockatiels and it works quite well.