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Re: Pluck No More

Posted by Elizabeth on 4/07/06
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    Their are products out their, but I would recommend nature
    first. Regular baths with water and aloe vera juice. You can
    buy natural aloe v. juice from walmart for 10 dollars. Add
    it to the mister and spritz your baby. Y

    You can switch betweeen both water and the other every other
    day when showering. Alot of the products, esp the new one on
    the market I think made by the kings cage people, actually
    have "natural" poisens in avoid those. Aloe on the
    other hand can be added to a birds water (look up amount if
    intersted) and it is safe! Much better than those icky scam

    On 4/07/06, Dawn wrote:
    > Has anyone heard of or had any success with a product
    > called Pluck No More?? I have a U2 who has began plucking
    > her feathers. She is not balding herself but rather just
    > chewing on her wings and her tail feathers.