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Re: Pluck No More

Posted by Meeko's Mom on 4/07/06
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    I just purchased a Double Yellow Head Amazon last week,that
    has completely plucked her chest and back. I started her on
    the aloe vera baths. And, just in one week's time, she has NEW
    feathers everywhere !! I wouldn't use anything else.

    On 4/07/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Their are products out their, but I would recommend nature
    > first. Regular baths with water and aloe vera juice. You can
    > buy natural aloe v. juice from walmart for 10 dollars. Add
    > it to the mister and spritz your baby. Y
    > You can switch betweeen both water and the other every other
    > day when showering. Alot of the products, esp the new one on
    > the market I think made by the kings cage people, actually
    > have "natural" poisens in avoid those. Aloe on the
    > other hand can be added to a birds water (look up amount if
    > intersted) and it is safe! Much better than those icky scam
    > products.
    > On 4/07/06, Dawn wrote:
    >> Has anyone heard of or had any success with a product
    >> called Pluck No More?? I have a U2 who has began plucking
    >> her feathers. She is not balding herself but rather just
    >> chewing on her wings and her tail feathers.