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Re: Pluck No More/Dawn

Posted by Debby on 4/08/06
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    Hi Dawn, I am also a user of the Aloe juice, and I swear by it
    as well. When I mist them with the aloe, I use 1/3 part aloe
    to the rest water...

    It truly does work wonders. I would never use a product such
    as Pluck no the ingredients, if Im not mistaken (
    its been awhile since I read the bottle) I believe one of the
    ingredients is alcohol?

    Regardless, the aloe to me works miricles....Good luck


    > Has anyone heard of or had any success with a product
    > called Pluck No More?? I have a U2 who has began plucking
    > her feathers. She is not balding herself but rather just
    > chewing on her wings and her tail feathers.