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Re: Pluck no more, "dose"/toxins

Posted by Elizabeth on 4/08/06
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    please check the ingredients on pluck no of the herbs
    they use is deadly nightshade..they also have array of
    hallucinogenic and depressant herbs in the list..I recieved an
    ingredient list from king's cages and researched the herbs they
    use...I am not about to let my cockatoo experiment with thanks...a few years ago I'd have bought this product
    for myself though...I have a complete list of the ingredients
    along with the common herb names and uses if anyone is
    interested - it has deadly nightshade (belladonna) gives a
    sense of flying... passionflower..a mild hallucenoigenic and
    calming herb impatiens ...also a mild hallucenigenic and calming
    effect... it also has sulpher, arsenic , a sleeping aid, an
    apetite aid... will be drugging your bird and
    while that may work for some..I won't use your own
    research and think about it..

    (((This is crostposted, the list, if you would like to recieve
    the full list please email me...I may take a bit to send it to
    your, I have to find it on my computer~)))

    For the "dose" their is a benefical amount to give that will
    help you see results - too little it should help but it would
    not be the theraputic amount. Too much you are just wasting the
    product, more will not get the bird better sooner. Just like
    people....the aloe does not build up nor does it become
    dangerous unlike other products in a birds I
    guess why WOULD YOU NOT look up the dose?