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Re: Pluck no more, "dose"/toxins, list of ickies

Posted by Elizabeth on 4/08/06
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    Exactly~! Anyway water mixed with some good natural aloe vera is the
    best for plucking/itching issues. :-) And, um safe, unlike some other

    On 4/08/06, Cindy A wrote:
    > On 4/08/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    >> Aconitum Napellus ...monkshood (this is poisonous)
    >> Apis Mellifica ...bee pollen
    >> Arnica Montana ....leopard's bane..painkiller and sleeping aid
    >> Arsenicum Album ....arsencous oxide (arsenic)
    >> Belladonna ...deadly nightshade
    >> Bellis Perennis ....ox-eye or english daisy
    >> Bryonia Alba ...byrony (emetic, cathortic (makes you sleepy)
    >> Calendula Officinalis ....pot marigold antiseptic, antifugicide
    >> Chamomilla ..chammomile.soothing safe sedative improves appetite
    >> Cistus Canadensis ....sleeping meds...
    >> Clematis Erecta ..clematis traveller's joy.treats lethargy.
    >> Ferrum Phosphoricum ..phosphorus
    >> Histaminum ...treats allergies (antihistamine)
    >> Hypericum Perforatum john's wort..immune system aid
    >> Ignatia Amara ,,st Ignacius bean
    >> Impatiens Glandulifera Flos ..impatiens of
    >> bethlehem...nervousness
    >> Ornithogalum Umbellatum anise used for flavor
    >> Passiflora Incarnata ..passionflower ..hallucenogenic..sleeping aid
    >> Phosphorus Prunus Cerasifera Flos ...cherry plum..used to treat
    >> loss of mental control, emotional and or physical..
    >> Rhus Toxicodendron...english ivy (this is poisonous for birds)
    >> Sulphur Symphytum Officinale ..comfrey..soothes stomach
    >> Veratrum Album,\ ,vervain..used for treating hyperactivity
    >> Each Ingreident Contains
    >> Equal Volumes of 10x,
    >> 30x & 100x Potencies.
    > WOW Who would've thunk?