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Re: ---the company makeing the $$---

Posted by testing and human conusumption on 4/09/06
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    > Too many people are out their selling products that aren''t safe, from toys to
    > cages because they sell! Their is NOT the same level of testing as their is with
    > people....

    On that note, little does the general public know, but those of us who use non-
    stick pots and pans are consuming poison every day. Every time we eat! Every time
    we go to a restaurant, because if you've consumed food that was prepared in a
    teflon pan, there are traces of the toxin in your blood stream. Yes, it's true!
    This will have no long-lasting effect on you, they say, but who's to say it's not
    the stem of many cancers or blood diseases? Hmmm. Makes you wonder, right?
    Though billions of folks will never suffer an effects of this poison, it courses
    through their bodies every minute of each and every day of their lives.

    You're right about the toys. But Many of us don't know that certain toys can pose
    a danger until an accident happens. Parrots are so inquisitive, they'll find a
    way to get themselves stuck between perch hardware and cages, and wrapped up in
    toys in ways we'd never have predicted.