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Re: ---the company makeing the $$---

Posted by Michael L on 4/09/06
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    On 4/09/06, Elizabeth wrote:
    > Not being naive, you seem to think that the only way is your way. My avain vet
    > said that no way should this product be used, not safe! That this product is a
    > HUGE HAZARD to any birds health. That the chemicals present in the product are
    > not safe! Not for birds, which is what it is being marketed too.
    > We buy special cages that have bird safe paint, prepare meals for them, take
    > them to expensive avian "doctors" for their health, seems that not using ONE
    > product to safeguard their health would make sense too. But hey that is just me,
    > putting my flock at risk is simply something I will not do. If you feel the need
    > to expose yours well....that is out of my hands. If you want to risk your birds
    > then go for it...but it is NOT something I would ever do. And the aloe remark,
    > at least it would be a safe product! that works.
    > Too many people are out their selling products that aren''t safe, from toys to
    > cages because they sell! Their is NOT the same level of testing as their is with
    > people....
    > Other people should know what TOXINS they are letting their birds EAT because
    > feather pluckers etc do preen their feathers and digest those harmful
    > products....This isn't something that just sits harmlessly on the feathers, when
    > any birds preens it is INGESTED. The 'belladonna' is NOT SAFE TO BE INGESTED.
    > BTW- Not unfounded half truths...if it isn't safe why would you WILLINGLY expose
    > anything to a product when a SAFE solution exist? It is like cutting of a body
    > part because it had a cut, instead of fixing and treating the cut you just saw
    > the damn thing off.


    I apologize that I've provoked you to such a heightened level of annoyance. There
    is no "way" when it comes to this or any other doctrine of bird keeping. There are
    choices and several methods of doing and everyone should be privy to that fact and
    realize that there are no absolutes or finites when it comes to treating or
    maintaining a healthy bird. There will always be the antithesis to anything that
    anyone has to say or believes. Doesn't make it right, just allows one the exposure
    to what's available to them. Some take the road less traveled.

    Please direct me to any statement that says I use this product or feel that anyone
    should use it, let alone that I endorse it? You may have overlooked that I am an
    avid fan of aloe and that it IS my product of choice. Why would you be so
    presumptuous to assume that I would endanger my birds or expose them to anything
    that is unsafe or encourage anyone else to do so with their birds? This, along
    with many other products has not been found to be detrimental to any bird at this
    point in time. All that's been determined is that people, such as you and myself,
    have differing opinions of whether or not we would use it. If I've missed a
    documented study or necropsy report whereby a bird(s) have died from this product,
    please direct me to the source of your findings. To assume that this product will
    eventually be found to be less-than-beneficial would be based solely on conjecture
    at this point in time.

    I still remain steadfast in my beliefs that people are entitled to make educated
    and informed decisions as to what they feel would work the best in their situations
    after hearing differing opinions and options, and possibly a few facts.

    I have never and will never, tell anyone that there is only one way of doing
    anything even if I disagree with their philosophies. My "way" is based upon
    information that I have gathered through education and the hands-on experience that
    I've attained from my personal years of bird keeping. If anyone would do anything
    because I told them to do it and didn't explore all the possibilities or options, I
    would considerer myself a failure as an educator.

    Michael L