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Re: ---the company makeing the $$---

Posted by Elizabeth on 4/09/06
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    Yes, it annoyed me....because I am tired of seeing people being ripped off for a
    product that is not safe and tested. In my home we try to use the tried and true
    methods before using "new" products, I am a huge fan of acv for household use. Along
    with aloe for birds and people alike.

    You seemed to endorse the product, with the post prior to my reply. Yes, in a
    dramatic case *maybe* it would be worth trying...I just could not do it myself.
    People need to be aware of what are in products - for birds and people alike. We tr
    to buy as safe as products as possible...we do not use teflon or non-stick not only
    because of the birds but because it is healthier.

    Sorry I got upset, I got get concerned when I know people very well may be spending
    the 40 dollars for a product that does not work as well or is as affordable as aloe
    and water. Not to mention safer.....and that is my main concern, safety~!, I do and
    will pay MORE for a product that does work as stated and keeps my family and
    feathered friends safe.