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Re: Pluck No More

Posted by Elizabeth on 4/11/06
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    Sorry, I did not mean to boards are MUCH harder than talking in person.
    Their is MUCH more room to take things the wrong way as you do not have the other
    person in front of you talking - so tone etc can come across the wrong way....
    Everyone has a bad day, but again sorry, I generally do not argue. :-)

    Anyway I would try making the solution again, you may not see instant results, as with
    any issue it does take a bit of time. You should see some improvement in a week or
    two, but keep with it for at least 2-3 weeks. Each bird is different and depending on
    how severe the plucking, picking etc. needs time to adjust.

    If you have not had your bird seen by an avian vet, I would have that done. Get a
    blood panel done, this will give you a good overall idea of its health and what if any
    additional testing should be done.


    On 4/10/06, Dawn wrote:
    > I appreciate all the responses received regarding this topic. I have tried the aloe
    > vera juice and did not find much success with it, however I think that my mixture
    > might have been a little too diluted to see any changes. I will try again.
    > While I understand that everyone has an opinion, it is sad for me to see
    > people "arguing" on posts. Some of us are not as experienced as others and are
    > looking for guidance. I received around 18 posts in response to my question and
    > unfortunately the majority of them were people attacking each other.
    > Thanks again